Maximize Milk Supply 

without wasting money on expensive supplements or being hooked up to a pump all day 


‚ě°ÔłŹ Make enough milk for your baby without having to stressfully count every single oz
‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†Nourish your body effectively postpartum to boost energy, mood, metabolism & milk supply
‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†Breastfeed for as long as you¬†want while still having a life & keeping your sanity
I'm In! I need this.

You can get results just like this mama...


Real Talk. Breastfeeding doesn't have to suck.


If you're reading this right now, there is a good chance you just want breastfeeding to be easy & enjoyable.

Let's face it, if all it took was a simple hack off instagram to solve all of your issues, well, then chances are you would have already had a freezer full of milk by now and you wouldn't be here reading this...

And maybe you've tried buying the expensive supplements, drinking more water and following the advice that worked for your friend and you're still stuck wondering "Why isn't this working for me? What am I doing wrong?"

It's not that you're not trying hard enough or being lazy. It's just that you haven't tried the right strategy yet. 

The truth is, if the support moms were currently getting from the medical system & society worked, then most moms who intend to breastfeed would breastfeed as long as they desire without any problems. And that’s not the case. 

This is why if you’re struggling, you're not alone.  In fact, 60% of moms stop breastfeeding before they want to - due to concerns over making enough milk, lack of support and pain. 

Just because it's common to struggle, doesn't mean it has to be your story. 

After a decade of experience as a Lactation Counselor & Registered Dietitian, I realized something that changed everything. Addressing the root cause issue early AND optimizing your nutrition is the most effective way for moms to make enough milk for their babies & overcome pain to have the beautiful bonding experience they've always wanted.

Breastfeeding Blueprint is for the moms who aren't ready to wean yet, the moms who make the decision to invest in the support they need to save her family massive amounts of money, time, pain & tears... and for the mamas ready to take action, make a change & get results in 2 weeks or less.

Heck Yes, I need this!

You have 2 choices on how you want your breastfeeding journey to go...

Without Breastfeeding Blueprint

‚ĚĆ unsure how to latch your baby correctly,¬†experiencing pain when¬†latching or stressing over your baby's weight & growth

‚ĚĆ worry if you'll¬†be able to make enough milk for your baby, especially if you need to step away for a few hours or go back to work

‚ĚƬ†feelings of guilt or failure if you are unable to breastfeed as long as you¬†want

With Breastfeeding Blueprint

✅ confidently latching your baby correctly without pain, your baby growing well & having a beautiful bonding experience

‚úÖ opening your freezer & seeing you have plenty of milk for when you want to have a night away or go back to work

✅ feelings of gratitude that you were able to breastfeed as long as you wanted 

Which choice will bring you closer to having the breastfeeding journey you want?

I'm Choosing Support!

The only difference between you and these mamas is saying yes to making a change & asking for help.

I want this, too!

So, quick question, mama.


Do you really want to continue stressing about making enough milk, trying to push through pain or struggle alone?


Or, are you ready to finally have a pain-free breastfeeding experience, make enough milk for your baby & get the support you need to have the easy & enjoyable breastfeeding experience you've always wanted.


Breastfeeding Blueprint

The proven step-by-step method for breastfeeding moms make enough milk for their babies, feed without pain and nourish their babies & bodies.

In 2 weeks or less, you'll... 

‚ě°ÔłŹ Discover the root cause issues to pain or low milk supply & how¬†treat it quickly to get back to breastfeeding without pain or anxiety
‚ě°ÔłŹ Nourish your body well so that you can boost energy, mood & milk supply to have a stress-free postpartum experience
‚ě°ÔłŹ Have the individualized &¬†community support you need so that¬†you¬†don't feel alone and you feel encouraged during the¬†ups & downs
From Bump to Breast
  • Understand your breastfeeding hormones, recommendations and benefits of breastfeeding, how often your baby needs to eat, how to know baby is getting enough milk & how to¬†establish a good milk supply early on.
  • Get clarity on common questions like how to hand express during pregnancy, when and how to use a haakaa, ¬†birth control while breastfeeding so that you can be confident you are making safe decisions for you and your baby.
Feed with Ease
  • Overcome or prevent the top 11 issues like low milk supply, tongue & lip ties, nipple shields, pain with latching, thrush, mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement, milk blebs, flat or inverted nipples, biting, and weaning so your breastfeeding journey is enjoyable & pain-free.
  • Rather than spending time googling information or asking friends and family & getting conflicting & outdated information, get the specific answers you are looking for (when you need them) that are approved by a Lactation Counselor & Registered Dietitian.
Pump It Up!
  • Feel confident using your pump, stick with a consistent pumping schedule and protect your milk supply without losing your sanity or feeling like your entire life is attached to a pump.
  • Understand how to measure your flange size correctly, how often to change pump parts, how to prevent bottle refusal, how to use a double electric breast pump, tips for traveling or going back to work, milk storage guidelines and more!
Nursing & Nourished
  • Nourish your body with the right balance of calories, protein, carbs with fiber and fats to boost milk supply and feel your best postpartum. Plus, you'll get clarity on calories, hydration and weight while breastfeeding.¬†
  • Leverage your nutrition for better mood, energy, metabolism and milk supply by knowing how to build your own balanced meals and snacks.
Breastfeed, Eat, Repeat.
  • Feel confident with caffeine, alcohol, medications, supplements, teas & galactagogues while breastfeeding, so that you won't decrease milk supply. Learn what foods to increase in your diet to support milk supply. Infant allergens are also covered (example: if your baby has a cow's milk allergy).
  • Meal prep with simple and balance meals¬†(vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free recipes included) to support healing after birth, energy, mood and milk supply. All recipes are busy mom approved! Plus, you'll get fast food guides, snack ideas, smoothies recipes and nutrient recommendations for breastfeeding and postpartum.


One on One Messaging Support ($997 Value)

  • wondering if your latch looks okay?
  • want to know if your baby's weight gain is adequate for their age?
  • having difficulty diagnosing the source ¬†of pain or low milk supply?
  • want a dietitian to help you adjust your meals & snacks to help you heal faster after birth, boost energy & protect milk supply?¬†

We'll exchange messages (text, picture, voice or video messages) in a private app so you can feel confident and empowered on your breastfeeding journey. You have unlimited questions throughout your week! Schedule your week once baby arrives or choose the week you need the most assistance.

I'm in! Enroll Here.

You can get results just like this mama...


Okay, so what's the investment? 


Many moms find themselves spending thousands of dollars to fix breastfeeding problems.


Overpriced supplements cost hundreds of dollars, even though many don't work or can harm milk supply.


Several visits to the Lactation Consultant's office can add up to $1000 (plus the time & energy you spend hauling your baby around town).
Formula costs up to $3000 per year.
My one on one nutrition clients pay thousands of dollars for a coaching package. 


When I polled my audience asking how valuable making enough milk for their baby would be, they said the value is worth thousands of dollars. 
The truth is, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get the support you need - and you can get it from the comfort & convenience of your own home.


And, YES, you can use your Health Savings Account (HSA/FSA Approved)

Pay In Full




This program is for moms who are ready to take action & make a change.¬†Because I'm so confident this program will give you results, I'm offering a money back guarantee. If you complete¬†the program & for whatever reason it doesn't help you, just email me at [email protected]¬†requesting a refund within 90 days. There is literally no risk. You'll get the results you want or your money back.

Plus, you'll get all of these BONUSES¬†when you join today! ‚§ĶÔłŹ

Bonus: Body After Baby  

Feel confident in your post-baby body!

  • Support Hormones & Metabolism:¬†Add in healthy habits without sacrificing your milk¬†supply.¬†
  • Weight Workshop:¬†Find your healthiest weight without dieting. You'll be able to identify what's been blocking you from improving body image or finding your happiest and healthiest weight.
  • Body Image Workshop:¬†this workshop is led by a body image therapist on how to feel more comfortable with your¬†changing body.
    ($497 Value)

Bonus: Free Month of Support & Community

  • Inside this community, you'll be able to improve your¬†breastfeeding & postpartum experience with support and guidance¬†from me & other Registered Dietitian & Lactation Counselor Coaches
  • Celebrate your wins & feel encouraged on your¬†journey
Join Now!

Here's why Breastfeeding Blueprint is the easiest & most convenient solution. 

 ✅ You'll have individualized support after your baby is born from a Lactation Counselor & Dietitian when you need it. You can message me conveniently while you're feeding, pumping or snuggling your sweet baby. 

✅ You'll know exactly what foods to eat and how to fuel your body best to boost energy, mood, metabolism, postpartum recovery time & milk supply. 

✅ Get the answer you need when you need it  (24/7) & revisit the information when you need a refresher! Because, how likely are you going to actually remember every detail of your hospital class 6 months later at 2am when you're in pain or worried about milk supply (and are sleep deprived)?

✅ You'll have lifetime access & all of the updates & additions. Which means if a protocol changes, you'll be getting the most up to date information from a trusted source. 

✅ Learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own home at your own pace rather than trying to digest all of the information at once in a hospital classroom on a Saturday morning.

Yes, I need this!

This is possible for you, too. 

It's time to make a decision.

Option #1: Do Nothing

Many moms hold on to hope that somehow things will turn around without intervention. But, we all know that if we want different results, we must take different action. Nothing changes, if nothing changes. When it comes to breastfeeding, if you go too long with pain or milk supply issues, things tends to get worse over time & harder to reverse.

Option #2: Go All In

If you're ready to have the support & education for anything that comes your way with breastfeeding, have instant access to the tools you need to overcome common breastfeeding issues & have someone encouraging you on your breastfeeding journey you've always dreamed of - then your decision is simple.

Let's do this!

Hey mama,

I'm Brooke Miller

Before becoming a mom, I spent years of my career teaching breastfeeding classes, piloted a breastfeeding program and counseled thousands of moms on how to successfully breastfed in person and virtually. 

I understand how difficult & stressful breastfeeding can be. After I had my first son, we faced complications with breastfeeding. He was born prematurely, had open heart surgery at a few months old and has Down syndrome. We were able to exclusively pump (not what I envisioned for our journey) until his open heart surgery. He transitioned to breastfeeding and we were able to reach our goal of breastfeeding 2 years. Plus, I was able to donate hundreds of oz of milk to babies in need.

With a decade of experience as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Counselor, I created Breastfeeding Blueprint to support moms with establishing a good milk supply, being prepared for what to expect, how to overcome obstacles to have a pain-free and enjoyable breastfeeding journey for as long as they choose.

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