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Free Training: Boost Energy, Mood, Metabolism & Milk Supply

You're about to discover how to: 

✔️Implement the 4 step proven process to boost energy, mood, metabolism & energy after baby

✔️Feel more confident in your body after baby & the what's been missing to find your natural healthiest weight

✔️Nourish and fuel your body properly to feel your best physically & mentally

Click the link below to get this Training absolutely Free! 

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Smiling Baby

Nourished After Baby

The Nourished After Baby Course is HERE!

  • Improve your energy & mood postpartum

  • Nourish your body well, even with limited time & energy

  • Support your hormones & metabolism so you can be the active & healthy mama you want to be

  • Enjoy a variety of food, without having to count calories or cut out your favorites

  • Protect & increase your milk supply

  • And Tons of Bonuses & Resources!

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"I was struggling with postpartum body image after having my son. Thoughts about food & weight were consuming my time and energy. I was finally able to re-establish a balanced relationship with exercise & food that brings me joy!"

Megan, BFRE Client

BFRE Coaching Program Framework

Be FReE from dieting forever


Balance Your Plate

Add in more nutrient dense foods without counting calories or points.


Find Food Freedom

Work through emotional eating, guilt and shame around food, so that you can enjoy a variety of foods again.


Respect Your Body

Identify and work through triggers around food and body image, while adding in healthy habits that feel good for your body.


Enhance Your Life

Improve self care, stress, mood and energy while being able to say yes to the things that were put on hold while dieting.

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Brooke Miller, RD, CLC

About me...

Brooke is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Counselor, wife and mom of her son Ashton, who rocks an extra chromosome and who has Down syndrome. She is passionate about helping moms and women improve their health without food rules and restrictions.

She coaches women inside of the 1:1 BFRE Coaching Program & inside of The Mama Well on helping moms heal their relationship with food and body. She also co-hosts the The Mama Well Podcast. Brooke enjoys hiking, snowboarding and spending time with her friends and family. She can be found on Instagram @nutrition.for.mamas + @the.mama.well.

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