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Nutrition For Mamas

I help moms become confident with food and in their mom bods without counting calories or cutting carbs.


Mama, Your Health Matters Too

Mama, you might be feeling...

  • overwhelmed with how to balance your health with being a busy mom

  • uncomfortable in your postpartum body and afraid to get in the pictures with your children

  • tired of the constant food and body thoughts and unsure how to deal with comments

  • wanting to improve your energy and nourish your body so you feel your best

Inside the BFRE Coaching Program, I help you...​

  • learn how to make meal planning and nutrition simple again

  • feel confident in your mom bod and wear the swimsuit on the beach without worry

  • ditch the scale and food rules so you can feel free to enjoy the foods you love again without guilt

  •  improve your health with sustainable behavior changes that enhance your mood and energy

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Postpartum and Breastfeeding Guide

  • Struggling with easy and nutrient dense snack ideas?

  • Wondering how much water and food your body needs to feel nourished?

  • Need help with how to feel more comfortable in your postpartum body?


BFRE Coaching Program Framework

Be FReE from dieting forever


Balance Your Plate

Add in more nutrient dense foods without counting calories or points.


Find Food Freedom

Work through emotional eating, guilt and shame around food, so that you can enjoy a variety of foods again.


Respect Your Body

Identify and work through triggers around food and body image, while adding in healthy habits that feel good for your body.


Enhance Your Life

Improve self care, stress, mood and energy while being able to say yes to the things that were put on hold while dieting.


"Not constantly obsessing about food, thinking about what I’m going to eat next is the best thing this program has helped me achieve. Thank you so much!"

Luann, BFRE Client

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BFRE Program Topics

Mindset Matters

Tackling Sleep, Stress & Self Care

Body Image

Hunger, Fullness & Satisfaction

Healthy Behaviors

Meal Planning, Prep, Cooking for Busy Moms

Emotional Eating

Nutrition 101

Guilt & Shame with Food

Exercise & Joyful Movement

Live Q&A

Graduation Party


Meet the Dietitian

Brooke Miller, RD

Brooke Miller is a Registered Dietitian mama who specializes in postpartum & breastfeeding nutrition and follows an intuitive eating approach. She understands the pressure mothers feel to "get their bodies back after baby," and has a strong passion for helping mamas embrace their bodies, balance nutrition & enhance their lives to feel their best. You never have to count points, say no to girls nights, or feel guilt after eating again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

From Mamas Like You


I'm a busy mom. Will I have enough time to put into the program?

This program is built for busy moms to succeed. Each week, we focus on healthy and sustainable behavior changes that you will be able to implement long term. The tools learned in this program will set you up to save so much time. Rather than worrying about tracking calories, how to meal plan effectively and how you can squeeze in exercise, we will find a schedule and plan that works for you.

Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time. Insurance can hinder how often we meet and I have clients from countries all over the world. Most clients are able to use their HSA/FSA accounts and you can submit invoices to your insurance provider to see if they will cover for reimbursement.

Will I get results?

During the program, I provide you with my proven framework. If you show up and implement what we coach through each week, I am confident you will have success improving your health and ditching the diets forever.