Thriving as a Mom Entrepreneur: Balancing Business and Family

The Truths of Being a Mompreneur: Balancing Business & Family

Jun 09, 2024

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive for many moms looking to create their own path while raising a family. But being a mom entrepreneur is one of the ultimate juggling acts. How do you pursue your passion, build a profitable business, and still be present for your kids?

As a mom of two who left my corporate career to start my own business, I've experienced firsthand the unique challenges and rewards of mom entrepreneurship.

Here's an inside look at my journey of balancing business ambition with family life...

Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship

After years of unhappiness with my corporate job's long commute and lack of flexibility, I knew a change was needed, especially once I became a mom. The breaking point came when half of the dietitians were laid off at my company before COVID-19 hit. I didn't trust that I would still have a job later that year after seeing half of my co-workers now jobless. 

My best friend and I had been tossing around ideas to start our own business for years after we had been podcasting for a while together. Suddenly, the opportunity presented itself. In 2020, we took the entrepreneurial leap together and started an online coaching business for women looking to get healthy & heal their relationship with food & their bodies. 

The Best (And Hardest) Decision

Being my own boss and working from home granted me the flexibility and freedom I desperately wanted as a new mom. But mom entrepreneurship was not all rainbows and sunshine. 🌈

There were times I doubted myself and felt overwhelmed trying to be present for my kids while also building a business. I hit a massive stage of burn-out and went years of investing every dime earned back into the business. 

However, our coaching business was fulfilling a bigger purpose of helping other women. That kept me motivated to stick with it during the toughest days of multitasking housework, childcare, and entrepreneurship.

Key Lessons as a Mom Entrepreneur Four years into running my own business, I've learned so much about what it really takes to thrive as a mom entrepreneur:

  1. Investing in yourself is critical - As an entrepreneur, you have to constantly learn new skills like marketing, sales, tech tools, and more. Investing in coaching helped me cut years off my learning curve and I still pay this coach every single month (have been since 2021). 
  2. Set boundaries and specific work hours - It's so easy to always be "on" when you work from home. Setting clear office hours helped me be more present with my family and create my "work time" with a timer & then creating "work-free" time when I'm doing something fun with my kids. I schedule something fun for us to do daily while being present like going to the playground, pool, or a walk outside. 
  3. Build a team and outsource - You can't do everything alone, especially as a mom. I hired contractors and virtual assistants to take tasks off my plate and outsourcing has been a complete game changer so that I can focus on the big picture needle moving activities. 
  4. Find your support system - Whether it's fellow mom entrepreneurs or supportive friends/family, you need a tribe to lean on in this wild journey of mom entrepreneurship. Connecting with other mom entrepreneurs has made my journey so much easier and more enjoyable & has led to really deep friendships. 

Is mom entrepreneurship right for you?

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It takes passion, perseverance, and hustle. But it's also incredibly rewarding to create something for yourself while being present for your kids.

If you have a brilliant business idea, skills you're eager to monetize, and undying ambition, then startup life could be your calling. Just go in with open eyes about the challenges and be prepared for ups & downs along the way. Be prepared to have to grow. 

I may be biased, but in my opinion, mom entrepreneurs are some of the most resourceful, resilient people out there. We're experts at juggling a million balls while fighting to make our dreams reality.

If you've been dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, while raising a family, I encourage you to go for it. The freedom, flexibility, and sense of purpose make the bumpy journey worth it.

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